Private Minibus
Directly to your address
Two-way or One-way Options Available
Duration of the event

1 hour

Place where event takes place

From Amsterdam Schiphol airport

Travel time to the event destination
Travel time

typically 1 hour or slightly longer in peak hours

Private minibus airport transfer between Amsterdam airport and your address in Amsterdam (hotel, hostel or apartments) is easy & smooth way on how to get to the city without the worry of arranging train & public transport combo or expensive cabs.

The route takes around 1 hour and we will bring directly to your address or when your accommodation is not reachable by cars, then to the most convenient drop-off please nearby.

You can choose one-way option (popular for arrivals only) or two-way transfer for both arrival and departure. 

Even this service does not rank among the most exciting what Amsterdam offers it ranks among our bestsellers.

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